Chinese Medicine Effectively Treats Many Types of Health Conditions

April 02, 2020

Have you ever heard of traditional Chinese medicine? It is a natural medicine that first originated in China over thousands of years. Practitioners of Chinese medicine, otherwise known as TCM, use diet, herbs, cupping, acupuncture as well as qigong to treat and prevent health problems. Currently, over 14 million people in America use or have used acupuncture treatments. In China, traditional Chinese medicine is performed with modern medicine. However, in the United States, Chinese medicine is still considered to be a form of alternative medicine.

Functional Medicine Helps You Function Better

Chinese medicine is known as a functional medicine that has been known to treat different types of health conditions. Western scientists may not have extensively studied its use yet, but it is used to address many ailments. If you suffer from anxiety, allergies, arthritis, depression, back pain, diabetes, skin conditions, high blood pressure, fertility, menopause symptoms, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid issues, or obesity then Chinese herbal medicine could be the answer.

How Does Chinese Medicine Work?

Modern medicine treatments are based on a diagnosis. TCM treatments are grounded on an underlying imbalance. There is a unique approach to TCM that is based on the philosophy called Taoism. This philosophy is based on theories that the organs in a body mutually support one another. So, being healthy involves that all organs function in balance. Once a balance has been reached a person is considered to be healthy. Balance is obtained by harmonizing the yin and yang which are two opposing yet complimentary energies believed to affect all of life.

TCM is also based on the theory known as vital energy named “chi” or “qi”. The energy flows through the body via meridians or pathways. Health problems including disease, emotional, physical or mental conditions develop only when chi is weak, blocked, or excessive. It is necessary to restore the flow of chi to balance the yin and yang to achieve wellness.

What to Expect During a TCM Exam

A TCM exam assesses the state of your overall health. You will be asked to share your health history and undergo a pulse assessment, tongue assessment, and physical exam. The goal is to identify imbalances or chi blockages. Your practitioner can identify imbalances and then offer treatment suggestions that help to smooth and regulate your flow of chi.

You may be given many natural medicine suggestions that each have their own therapeutic methods using TCM. Individual treatment is emphasized greatly with a wide range of healing approaches put into practice. One of those methods is acupuncture. The roots of acupuncture actually started in TCM. It is a treatment used in the Western world for many health concerns.

How Does Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture is essentially an effective, drug-free, safe alternative for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, allergies, fatigue, and anxiety. It can also be used to address thyroid, weight loss, overall living, smoking, and fertility issues and promote a more productive, healthier, and energetic lifestyle. Discuss the many benefits acupuncture can offer with your practitioner so you can start feeling better and get back in the flow of a balanced chi.

Are you interested in a side-effect free therapy? Then you should consider scheduling an acupuncture appointment. This form of TCM is over 3,000 years old and can be used in conjunction with dietary therapy to heal your mind and body. It is known as a functional medicine that is natural medicine at its finest. You can rely on this type of treatment provided by clinics that want to do everything they can to help relieve your pain, menstrual disorder, menopause symptoms, anxiety, depression, stress, aid with weight loss, and autoimmune diseases. Schedule a time to meet with a TCM practitioner today to find out how TCM and treatments like acupuncture can improve your life.